Our Board

Our Board

Theatre Odyssey is a theater company located on Florida’s Gulf Coast in Sarasota. Founded in 2006, the company provides a nurturing environment to encourage, inspire, and challenge local playwrights and actors. It currently produces two annual events: the Ten-Minute Play Festival in the spring and the Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival in the winter. From its beginning, Theatre Odyssey has shared revenue with its actors, directors, and stage crews and it awards cash prizes to festival winning playwrights.

Theatre Odyssey Inc. is a nonprofit organization operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. Contributions are deductible to the extent permitted by law under IRS Code 501(c)(3).

Leadership of the company, effective with the Annual Meeting on July 2, 2016, is as follows:


  • Don Walker, President
  • Leona Collesano, Vice President
  • Tami Vaughn, Secretary
  • Donna Defant, Treasurer
  • Nicole Cunningham
  • Ron Pantello
  • Robert Ennis Turoff
  • Tyler Yurckonis


  • Marvin Albert
  • Michael Bush
  • Dan Higgs, Past President
  • Jeffrey Kin
  • Terry Romine, Past President
  • Nancy Roucher
  • Maya Rudo
  • Bob Trisolini
  • David Yamin


  • Tom Aposporos
  • Preston Boyd


  • Tom Aposporos, Past President
  • Larry Hamm, Past President
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