Theatre Odyssey On the Road

If you can’t come to the theatre…
          … the theatre will come to you!


Many senior citizens who love theater lack the mobility to attend local productions.

So Theatre Odyssey is taking live theater “On the Road,” bringing short plays to retirement communities and assisted living facilities in the Sarasota / Tampa Bay area.

Theatre Odyssey On the Road will take advantage of our experience in staging short plays to offer an evening of one-acts with a total running time of 60 minutes or more.

Since this is not a playwriting competition, scripts (whether published or original) will be selected with an eye for their appropriateness for the audience.


Here’s what your audience can expect:


Here’s what Theatre Odyssey requires:


Budgets are tight — can you afford Theatre Odyssey?

There are, after all, real expenses involved in mounting these productions — including playwright royalties and fees for actors and director. Nevertheless, we can almost guarantee that this program will fit into your budget!

Call us at 941-799-7224 for more information.


Check your calendar

Check your organization’s calendar of events for an opening this fall and contact us right away so we can include your audience when we take our show On the Road!

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